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Since Reindeer’s inception in 1997, our foundation has been logistics planning. We’ve proven ourselves in the auto relocation industry and we’re now broadening our scope of services to handle freight of every conceivable type.

Whether it’s moving a vintage automobile, a specialty motorcycle, golf carts, boats, or any other commodity requiring flatbed or special handling, each move is executed with the utmost consideration and planning.

From thoroughly researching the commodity being shipped, to examining current gas prices and the best driving routes, we will analyze all aspects of the job and make certain our associates and customers know what to expect and when. It’s the cornerstone of our business – “real. personal. service.”

Time and time again, we’ve proven that while our competition may beat our prices, they cannot beat our logistical planning and customer focus. We offer the complete package to take the hassle out of logistics. Reindeer features employees who have specialized in handling “hard-to-move” items in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We’re much more than an automobile relocation company. We are a proven logistics planning and service provider. Experience first hand what true logistical planning should be.

For special requests, please contact:
Reindeer Auto Relocation Client Services